Bed Head TiGi Resurrection Shampoo

Bed Head TiGi

Urban anti + dotes

Resurrection Shampoo (Damage Level 3)

Perfect for weak, brittle hair that needs intervention


Bed Head Resurrection shampoo comes in a bright red tube with a flip open cap. The colour of the tube is really vibrant and catches your attention real quick.


The product has a fruity kinda smell, which personally, I adore!!


The consistency of the shampoo is neither too thick nor too runny. The texture is really smooth. Small amount of the shampoo gives enough lather. This tube lasted for 2 months and I wash my hair every alternate day.

My Experience

My hair colour made the hairdo look fab!!
                                  My hair colour made the hairdo look fab!!

I got my hair coloured (again) two months back and this time I went a bit bold with it. So, to protect my thin, frizzy hair from further deterioration, my hairstylist suggested me to use this shampoo. And it really worked. It not only protects the colour but also saves your hair from getting overly dry. It has helped me maintain the shine of my hair. I am able to carry the bold colour with confidence as my hair feel and look really good. I apply coconut oil before every wash followed by Loreal Techni Art Hair Serum. You can see in the picture that I have almost finished the tube and and will soon re-purchase it. But if you know a better shampoo than this one, please let me know in the comment section below, would love to try that out!!


INR 800 FOR 250 ml of product

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